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Privacy Policy

Your privacy
VHAIR is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our site visitors and customers. Team members are customers of other Internet sites, and they fully recognize and respect the importance of privacy on the Internet. We will not disclose information about our customers to third parties unless this is an essential part of providing services to you-such as arranging to send the product to you.
Privacy Policy
In accordance with VHAIR.COM's privacy policy, we may disclose certain information contained in our user registration application to third parties, but we will not disclose your name, address, email address or phone number unless we have already Inform you (authorized or authorized). Under the Data Protection Act 1998, the law must do this.
Your consent
Without your permission, we will not rent or sell your name, address, email address, credit card information or personal information to any third party (excluding partners who may link to our website). If you have purchased from our store, subscribed to our newsletter and participated in any of our contests, or were informed of your email address, mailing and phone number, we may update via email in some way News and special opportunities and calls.
Communication and marketing
By becoming a member and providing them with email, postal address, phone number, you agree to accept the communication information in our latest products and special offers (information we may be interested in), and we may also use this information To inform you of third party products and services, you may be interested.
Opt out of communication
All VHAIR members can choose not to receive marketing communications from the United States and / or selected third parties. If you do not wish to receive marketing (email, post, phone) from us and / or selected third parties, we recommend that you visit "My Account" on the VHAIR website to log out. Sign up and log in to access My Account. Just register / login to VHAIR and you can customize the communications (email, post, phone) you want to receive.
Check your details
If you wish to verify the details submitted to VHAIR, you can contact us at the following email address, phone number or address. Our security procedures mean that we may require proof of identity before disclosing information. This proof of identity will be in the form of your email address and the password you submitted with your registration. We strongly recommend that you do not use your browser's password storage feature, or you will allow others to use your terminal to access your personal information-write it down and keep it secure.