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How to choose

How to choose color

  After choosing the length and texture, next, you should choose the color best with you. Suitable color would add extra air, make you glamorous and classy. Here are some suggestions.

When choosing a color, choose the color close as you own hair as possible, from the middle to the ends. That will make your hair extension naturally blend with your own hair. Don’t choose the color of the root part, it is always darker than other part. If you have to choose one from two colors, you’d better choose the color that match with the ends of your hair. We recommend to some of our customers to purchase 2 sets, if your hair has multiple shades or more than 3 shades.

FAQ on Hair Colors:

Q1: Can I dye the Brazilian remy hair that I newly brought?

A1: yes, Brazilian remy hair extensions are real human hair, it can be dyed and bleached to brown, light brown, dark blonde, medium blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, blue and so on.

Q2: Why the color of the hair extension i received is a little different from that on my Phone ?

A2: The color will be different looking on different PC/IPAD/PHONE, that's because different devices have different Screen Resolution /Graphics card/ Screen Type /etc parameters.

Q3: Blonde is beautiful, lovely and gorgeous, I have been day dreaming about buying an blonde clip in hair extensions. But I am confident with my skin tones. How can I match a complimentary shade of blonde?

A3: First, figure out what your skin tone is. Regardless of how light or dark your skin is, your skin tone can fall into either of the two main skin tone categories, the cool skin tone and the warm color with a few people falling somewhere in the middle.

  If you have cool skin tones, choose a blonde that has an ash or green base to better compliment your skin. An example may be vanilla or dishwater blonde. Stay away from brassy shades because they may look harsh and wash you out. If you have warm skin, you should look for blondes with red or golden bases. An example may be golden, caramel or rose gold blonde. Anyway, you can find a blonde hair extension suitable for you.

How to chose length

  We all want a hair extension perfectly matching ourselves. So choosing suitable length and texture is very important. But how do we know the hair’s actual length? Normally, straight hair is longer than curly hair and wavy hair, because it lies completely straight when we measured.

  If you choose the straight hair extension, it is almost true to its real length, so you can choose the length you like. But comfort is one important factor you should consider. If you get accustomed to the short hair, don’t choose too long size. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable. And if you have got used to medium long hair, you can try wear long hair extensions. As for the measurement, you should measure from the very center of the back of your head since that is where the hair extensions will sit.                              

   If you are ready for the wavy or curly hair extensions, try to choose one size longer than that you would choose. Because the wavy hair extension is usually  1.5" shorter, and curly hair is usually 3.0" shorter than straight hair. In addition, you should know that wavy and curly hair extensions are heavier than the straight ones.

Here are 16 inch hair extension, 18 inch hair extension, 20 inch hair extension, 22 inch hair extension, 24 inch hair extension, 26 inch hair extension available. You can have a relatively clear visual comparasion and judgement in the following picture.

 The date can only as approximate hair extension length guide when ordering your hair extensions. Because people's torso and neck lengths vary individually, for one thing. For another, lengths can also vary depending on the starting point the hair extensions will sit and techniques used when applying your extensions. If you are still not sure of how to choose length, please email us at sales@vhair.com