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Bonus Items



Comparing to spend a bunch of money on advertisement, we perfer using it to reward our loyal customers who would love to share. We treasure every customer's true experience because it means a lot to us. That's the reason we're running this project! After sharing your review, you'll be rewarded with valuable bonus, FREE WIG or even CASH (UP TO $100). Check the 2 Ways below to win your bonus items NOW:



1. Make A Post/Comment on Facebook Page

Step 1.

After received or installed your hair/wig, you can take some nice selfies/a short video( clear, within 60s ), showing your experience with the hair/wig.

Step 2.

Make A Review Post/Comment on our Facebook Page with your pretty photos/video ( Our FB Page @hiwigs You can post on anywhere others could see).

Step 3.

Once your sharing get 50+ Likes, you'll receive $50 and  when it reaches over 150 Likes, we'll send you another $50. (50 LIKES = $50, 150 LIKES = $100)

2. Upload A Review Video on Youtube Channel

Step 1. 

If you're on YouTube, you can upload a review video (clear, landscape screen and 60s at least).

Step 2. 

Once your video reaches 200+ Views, you'll receive $50, when it reaches 2000+ Views, we'll send you another $50 and if it is over 5000 Views, you can get an extra new wig for FREE(200 VIEWS = $50, 2000 VIEWS= $100, 5000 VIEWS= FREE WIG).


Come&share your pretty look NOW! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook@Hiwigs If your sharing meets the requirement, kindly attach your screenshot and email to [email protected] to claim your bonus.

Tips: The clearer your photos/video, the better it will be.



      Reference 1 Comment Your Photos on Facebook Post>> 


      Reference 2 Upload A Product Review Video on Youtube>>