Hair extension or hair weave adds fullness and length to the natural hair. They can be sewn, glued or clipped to the natural hair. If you are new to hair extension, there are basic things you should know about extensions before the application proper. Hair extensions come in the form of synthetic and human hair extensions just like wigs. The real human hair extensions are just as they sound. They are gotten from a donor and are real human hair from top to bottom. In this kind of extension, all the cuticles are intact making the stands to run in one direction. It does not tangle as it has the qualities of a biological human hair. It stays smooth and silky for a very long time. Natural hair extension is quite pricey. On the other hand, the synthetic extension is made from blended fibers and contains no human hair. They are generally stiff and coarse. They do not really blend well with the natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions are not as expensive as the natural hair extensions. Now you know this, you can choose the best extension to suit your demand.

Choose the length and color of your choice.
Most times, people go for hair that has a different colour from their natural hair colours and extensions longer than their natural hair. The idea is usually to experiment with different colours and lengths to know which fits better.

The extensions come in wefts – a section of hair that is sewn together. Of the methods of wearing extension, the clip-in method is more common. Three clips are used in most cases: one at the right end of the weft, the other and the left end and the third one in the middle. The clip is used for holding the weft with the natural hair to secure the extension tight.

The clip-in method is the easiest method if you want a quick add-in. But to keep the clip in place, you must tease the root of your hair to make it rough so that the clip wouldn’t slip out. A teasing brush would be of help at this stage. Tease the part of the hair where the clip would be used horizontally and to add to the volume of the hair. This would conceal the extension when you clip it in. The voluminous hair would hide it from being seen.

Turn your extension to any directions your hair would follow to achieve a look
If you would style your hair in a way that they would go backward, turn your extension towards that direction. If the plan is to wear the hair up, place the clip upside down so that the natural hair can cover the extension. Note that the extension must be placed under a layer of hair.

To achieve a look, section your hair to the style of your choice. If it is a center parting, part the center/ middle the front hair and weave it. Start from the base at the back of the hair to clip in the extensions. Do not forget to tease the hair as you clip in. Lose the weave you made in the front of the hair. Make the parting to look neat and comb through the hair gently.


You can trim your extension to any length of your choice
Sometimes, the aim may be to add to the volume to the hair and not length. In this case, you can cut the extension to your hair length. The process is simple but you need to be careful so that you don’t cut your hair. Stand in front of the mirror. With your hands, section your hair in two halves and bring them to the front where you can see it. On the right side, part the hair horizontally underneath the outer part and clip in your extension. Ensure that it is secure. Keep your head straight and comb through gently until the hair is flat. Once the clips have been well placed and the hair flat and neat enough, trim the excess part of the extension until it becomes the same length with your natural hair.

When you are satisfied with the right side, use the same method to clip in your extension and trim the left side. Take care not to cut your natural hair while trimming the extension.

If you are not sure whether you can do this perfectly, you can buy cheaper hair extensions and go to the salon. Ask the stylist to cut them for you and put you through how to do it properly. You can even go home to put your creativity to test with the same extension until you are satisfied that you can work with the pricey extensions you have.

Add a little touch-up
If you are working with the synthetic hair extension, touch the hair when water a night before you wear it especially if it has curls. Roll the extension with rollers and leave the rollers with the hair overnight. When you wear the extension, you wouldn’t see a clear difference. It would give it a natural-looking effect and remove the plastic texture. It would also help the extension blend with the natural hair without being coarse.

You can make the extension to match your real hair
Using a good serum on your hair can make your hair and a synthetic extension look alike that you wouldn’t know the difference anymore. Apply the serum evenly to your straight hair before clipping in the extension. This would give your hair the same silky look the extension has, thereby giving your hair and the extension a uniform look.

Style the extension alongside your hair if you are using a human hair extension. If you want to curl the extension, curl your hair together with the extension. Do the same thing when you want to use a flat iron or spray on it.

Surf or thickening spray added to synthetic extension gives it a natural look like that of a real human hair.

If you have these at your fingertips, you can manipulate hair extensions to suit your demands.