If you want to instantly transform your look, Ombre Hair Extensions are the ideal way to make it come true. It can give you the fashion color to adorn your skin tunes and match your clothing for different occasions. Most importantly, your hair damage caused by dyeing is avoided. What a good deal. At the same time, VHair will provide you the high quality ombre hair extension and a wide range of color for your choice, which satisfy all the customers. Our ombre is made with 100% pure remy human hair, cuticle intact, double drawn. Every pack can be used for a full head application. What’s more, the extensions a no color fade guarantee, because we color our ombre extensions with a new color technology. Since the ombre hair extensions are remy human hair, it can be redyed and restyled as you like as your natural hair, but you should also take care it as your natural hair. Now, VHair shares some tips to care your ombre hair extension to make it last for long time and keep in good condition.


Less washing


        One of the important tips to look after ombre hair extensions is to try to wash them as infrequently as possible. Too much washing will damage your hair, making the color dull and the hair dry. Generally, it only need cleansing roughly once every six weeks for clip-in hair extensions.


Washing technique


        To cleanse and look after ombre hair extensions effectively, make sure to begin by giving the lighter ends of your extensions a thin coating of conditioner (this will stop the darker dye from ‘up-top’ running down to the dye-free ends and ruining the two-toned effect). After this has been done, you can wash your ombre extensions in the same way as normal clip-ins.Another handy hint on how to look after ombre hair extensions is to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, as this will give your clip-ins a much-needed moisture boost.




        You should avoid use the hairdryer as less as possible, ladies! Do not dry by scrubbing your hair with a towel or by using dryer, instead you should lie each of the wefts flat on a dry towel and leave them to dry in their own sweet time overnight. You can also spritz each weft with a leave-in conditioner to keep them hydrated and healthy-looking before letting them air dry.




        Comb your hair extensions 2-3 times a day to remove the tangles.Comb gently each weft from the bottom of the extension up to the top.Don’t brush your ombre extensions while they’re wet, as this can cause them to shed.




        You should try to avoid using the heating process or styling products. If you do, you should apply some heat-protective spray on them before styling, which will protect the delicate wefts against heat damage, to help ombre extensions last for longer time and keep in healthy look. Since heating and styling products both lead to dry hair.


        After sharing these useful tips, are you still confused, if are, please contact us without hesitation. VHair will give every customer the best products and most considerable service to make you have beautiful hair and beautiful mood.