With the same good quality hair extension, some can be used for a long time and still stay in good condition. While others has become poor, very brittle, lusterless. The different results are not caused by the hair extension itself but the way the user how to take care of it. Just like your own hair, they need care and inappropriate would damage it and shorten their life. And how to dry hair extensions is one of the important questions, today, I will take the micro hair extension to share the topic about how to dry hair extensions.


Preparation of Your Micro Loop Hair Extensions Before Drying


    Firstly, comb your hair extensions through before drying them. You should sneeze the water off completely as possible. We known that hair is at its weakest when wet, but brushing your hair after a shower cannot be avoided. Therefore, comb your hair extensions through gently with a suitable hairbrush and at the same time, you should avoid the rings of the hair extensions.


Secondly, run your fingers in and around the bonds or weft track to be sure that they have not become tangled during the process of washing and brushing. And if you want to blow dry your hair later on, you should stray some heat protector before heating in order to avoid the damage.


Now, You are now ready to start drying your hair extensions.


Drying Your Micro Loop Hair Extensions


There are three methods about how to dry your micro loop hair extensions, and they are air drying, towel drying and blow drying respectively.


Air Drying Micro Ring Hair Extensions


If you have the slight wavy hair extension, it is a perfect choice to partially air drying, as it matches the the texture of the hair extensions. For air drying micro hair extension, after detangling and brushing, you should run your fingers gently through the gaps in between each ring, and let it air dry. Finish by running some organ oil.


Towel Drying Micro Ring Hair Extensions


For towel drying micro ring hair extensions, dry the scalp and squeeze the hair extensions with the towel and avoid rubbing the hair as this causes tangling. It might be helpful to use a smaller towel to dry the hair that's closes to the actual micro rings.


Blow Drying Micro Ring Hair Extensions


Micro rings are usually made of metal (even the ones with silicone inserts), so you should know that metal is a heat conductor. If the micro rings get hot by using a high heat setting near it, it will damage your hair. So if you are prepared to blow dry your hair extensions, you should use a low heat setting. Use a low output setting so that you can control your hair - if the hair is blasted in different directions, it can cause it to tangle but also get caught in the actual micro rings.


Whichever drying method you choose, it's important that the area around the micro rings is not left wet.


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