Hair extensions are easiest way to change your hairstyle and enhance your look by making their hair longer, fuller and shiny. But you’d better to keep your hair extension secret and blend with your natural hair perfectly. Otherwise, it will wash you out. So how to make your hair extension look natural and perfect. Here are our helpful tips.


Get the suitable length match

      When you choose the length of your hair extension, you should consider your natural hair, too long locks not only make you feel heavy, but also make you look unnatural. If you have a shoulder length hair, it is ideal for you to choose the 16-18 inch hair extensions. If you have mid-length to long hair, you can choose around the 20-24 inch hair extensions. In addition, you should also keep in mind the match of thickness.


Get the perfect color match

      A perfect color match is of great importance. Maybe you you several shades of the same color to blend with your hair perfectly. Sometimes even one shade too dark or too light will reveal your hair extension. And when you choose the color, you should take the ends of your natural hair as guide, not the root, for your hair extension will be applied there. You can also ask for a free color match before buying it.


Necessary Trim

      To blend seamlessly your hair extensions with your natural hair, it is necessary to trim your natural hair or hair extension to match with each other perfectly. For example, if you are going to wear the clip in hair extension, you must deal with the clips and make them unnoticeable on the dead. And you can ask the stylist to leave long layers into your hair extension to have an natural look.


Use 100% human hair

      To make your hair extensions look natural, you must use the 100% human hair extensions. Cheaper synthetic can’t blend with your hair texture, especially after you wash it, it will become mat and frizz up, which looks unnatural. What’s more, unlike the human hair extension which can be dyed or styled with heat like your own hair, the synthetic cannot be done with heat. Therefore, the real human hair extension can match you hair and can be treated as your own hair. There are many types of human hair extensions such as straight, curly, wavy, you can choose the extension which caters to your hair texture perfectly.


Grab That Curling Iron

      If you have significantly shorter hair, you can use the curling iron to loosely curl the natural hair and extension together to create a beautiful mermaid locks after the clip have been secured within your hair. But you should keep in mind that add some moisturizer before any heat treatment, which will reduce the damage to hair and make them last longer.


Application and technique is key

      The application is also an important step to make the hair extension blend seamlessly with your own hair. If you’re wearing the clip in hair extension, you can apply them at home, as they are the easiest method. But if you are the green hand, you should practice it by watching the video or pictures before you go out. As for other forms, such as the tape in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, micro hoop hair extensions, you’d better go to the barbershop to ask the stylists for help. Because The Placement of the extensions and application technique is not easy to master. The better the blending is made, the more natural your hair looks.