No matter what kinds your hairstyle is, the color of hair is the first and most important question you should consider. The suitable color can improve your complexion, while the ill-suited color will wash you out. You may admire some stars’ hair, especially the beautiful and charming color. The secret is they have matched their hair color to the skin tones. So don’t follow others blindly, you should find the color that match you perfectly.

    First of all, you need to know your skin tones. Although people’s skin tones are different within a wide range, we can group them into two categories, the warm tone and the warm tone. Here are three methods.

1.You can stand against the white walls in the sunlight. Then take a mirror to to look the color of your veins. If your veins are mainly green, your may have a warm skin tones. If they are almost blue or blue-purple, you may get a cool tone.

2.You can simply wear the gold an sliver ornaments respectively to tell which one is best on your skin. If the gold, your skin tone is warm. If the sliver, your tone is cool.

3.You can also judge it by your natural hair. If you’re born with the dark hair, such as black, brown and a mix of gold, brown and orange, you may have warm tone. If your natural hair is fair, you may have warm tone.

    After determining the skin tone, you could find the suitable color that will improve your complexion, appear harmonious and well-matched. And the rule is the warm tone matches the warm color, the cool tone matches the cool color.

 Warm Complexion with Warm Hair Color


Skin tone: warm tone( warm peaches and cream complexion)

 Hair color:warm (copper blonde hair color)

 Her hair is natural, refreshed and harmonious with her skin.


Warm Complexion with a Cool Hair Color


Skin tone: warm tone( warm peaches and cream complexion)

 Hair color:cool (purple color)

     When her hair is changed from the warm hair color to this violet cool color, the model’s skin tone is drained by the the cool hair color drains, which makes this lady fierce and boring.


Cool Complexion with a Warm Hair Color


Skin tone: cool (fair to light complexion)

Hair color:warm (light golden blonde hair color)


Cool Complexion with a Warm Hair Color


Skin tone: cool (fair to light complexion)

Hair color: cool light brown hair color


Here are some recommended matches.


    If you have pale with cool blue skin tone, you can try the warm golden blonde.


    If your skin tone is medium with warm like hers, you can try the dark chocolate brown.


    If your skin is olive with warm tone, you can try the darkest brown.


    If your skin is medium with cool tune, you can try this caramel.


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