Clip in hair extension is the easiest hair extension to apply and remove, you can do it by yourself at home. It is time-saving and can add length and volume immediately. However, you may know well about how to apply it, while do not know how to make different kinds of beautiful hairstyles with clip in hair extensions. Actually, different hairstyles are sightly differently applied. The followings are 3 kinds of hairstyle instructions. Then you will find you can have so charming hairstyles with clip in hair extension.


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Half Up Style Instructions:


1.Comb your hair to remove the tangles and see which section of your hair on the both sides of your head will be tied back as the upper part.


2.Fix the two locks of hair with clips on the free area.


3.Begin clipping the hair extensions at the base of the skull.


4.You should divide off a layer of hair and fix the upper part of hair above. Then clip the hair extensions with clips on them.


5.At about the top of the ears, let down a layer of hair. And then clip the extensions with three clips on them as the previous should work out the middle one first and the side ones.


6. Section off a new layer and now clip in the four clip wefts.


7. Now you can fall the previously fixed locks and finish the hairstyle.


Side Braids


Wearing a braid often makes people look elegant and female and our clip in hair extension make your braid fuller and more elegant.In making a side braid , I will clip the clips wherever the braid will be to make the clips secret and add the needed volume. Here, i am going to make a left side braid.


Side Braid Instructions:


1. On the left side at top of the ears, divide off a layer of hair and place two single clip wefts.


2. Let down the a new layer.


3. Place two more single clip extensions.


4. Divide off a third layer and do as the previous step.


5. Sweep all of the hair over the left shoulder and finish the hairstyle.




A thick and full ponytail is an classic and simple hairstyle which is favored by many girl. But some people are afraid their dull and thin hair will wash them out. Never mind, you can have the full and thick ponytail with your clip in hair extension which will make you vigorous and charming.


Ponytail Instructions:


1. comb the hair gently and practice to make a ponytail and remember the ponytail’s place where your hair extension will be clipped.


2 .divide off a layer on the place where you record before and clip two single clip weft in next to each other.


3 . Let down a new layer and place two more extensions right above the extensions.


4. Divide off a third layer and do as the previous step(working towards the forehead).


5. Comb gently into a ponytail which is placed just below the first extension you clip and tie it with a hair band.


6. Make the hair extension at the top natural.


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