The origin of Bob


      Bob was firstly created by a Paris stylist Antoine in 1909 and named as Sassoon Bob by Vidal Sassoon. In the 20th Century, women wearing the bob hairstyle are seen as the independent, progressive and spirited women. Many women make the short bob hairstyle to encourage a more daring and independent side of their personality such as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Louise Brooks and Millie. Later on, bob becomes an most popular hairstyle and have many varieties. By now, it is still famous all over the world and get well developed. It can be traditional and edge, cute and sexy, chic and versatile, and importantly, it can be changed into different styles according to different personalities. Therefore it is favored by most celebrities. Now, let’s look at different kinds of bob hair.


Long Bob Hairstyles


      A long bob, or lob is a simple cut with a few layers. It is classic and universal, for it can adorn a variety of different face shapes, hair textures and complexions and you can have a lot of styling options to create your unique hairstyle to fit your head. And you can also add some curls or highlights to your hair.


Short Bob Haircuts


      A chin-length short bob with bangs has been loved by many celebrities over the years. It can make you look sexy and confident.If you have fine hair, you can try the short messy or wavy bob hairstyle. It will make your fine hair appear thick, because Without the length weighing it down, it’s free to bounce, giving off the appearance of thicker tresses. And the messy or wavy hair also add its volume.


Messy Bob Hairstyles


      Messy bob hairstyles are super stylish, convenient and edge. It can be also called as bed head and extremely popular recently. Some people called these looks as “organized chaos”. You can achieve this messy bob by adding pieces of wavy layers.


Graduated Bob Haircuts


      Graduated bob haircut is another simple yet unique haircuts, it is easy to care and keep your style in good shape. It is featured by the short hair on the back while the long hair in the front. What’s more, it appears thick near the nape of your neck with thinner layers towards the thin, which creates the magnificent effect.


Blunt Bob Haircuts


      if your hair is thick and straight, or if you have square and round shaped faces, you might try this haircut. It will adorn your face shape by concealing these features rather than make them prominent. What’s more, wearing this haircut makes your hair appear healthier, shinier and thicker.


Asymmetrical Bobs


      If you want have an impressive and noticeable haircut, the asymmetrical bob may be an ideal choice and suit for show any woman’s desire for self-expression.