Once upon a time, I am not a confident girl at all, because my hair is thin, dull and dry with static-prone locks, which has always been a source of great frustration. later on, I find my friend's hair voluminous, shiny and beautiful and then I know the secret of her beauty, the remy tape in hair extensions. Seeing these magical changes, I make up my mind to have a try and buy one 24 inch hair extensions on the VHair which is recommended by may friend, because i want the long hair. Thank godness, it indeed changed my whole life. I become beautiful with the voluminous, lustrous and long hair and I also become confident enough to take part in many activies and communicate with others. Now, I have won a good boy friend and I am so grateful that I want share my experience with you. Since you indeed meet some troubles with your tape in hair extension, I will share some tips about how to care tape in hair extension to make it last for longer time and keep in good condition.


About washing


1. Before washing, you should always brush your hair gently to keep it from tangling up while it’s being washed.


2. Use the right shampoo that has been specially formulated for the tape in hair extensions. If you don’t know, you can ask the stylist. Because some shampoo contain sulfur or alcohol, such as dandruff shampoo which will damage the attachments.


3. While washing your hair, tilt your head back and cleanse from the top of the head downwards. Keep in mind that do not scrub your hair otherwise it will cause the matting and tangles.


4. When applying conditioner, you should condition the mid-lengths and ends, and avoid the root area to the length of your hair. We suggest that the condition stay 5 minutes or longer on your hair for enough moisturizing and have the conditioning treatment once a week


5. Do not comb or brush the hair while it is wet.


About drying


1. Do not dry by scrubbing your hair with a towel or by using dryer, instead you can wrap hair with a towel to remove moisture. If you have to use a dryer, you should use low to medium heat to 50% dry


2. Always dry thoroughly the base area , the scalp area where your hair extensions are attached.


About sleeping


1. Make sure your hair extensions completely dry before you go to bed;


2. Before going to bed, you can loosely tied your hair up or braid your hair into buns at the back of the neck in order to avoid tangling.


3.You can use a silk or satin pillowslip, if you toss and turn a lot when you sleep


About Sporting


1.Always tie your hair up before swimming or sporting.


2.Immediately undo braid, comb hair and let air-dry after swimming or sporting.


3. Wet your hair thoroughly before swimming to, as when your hair is wet, the hair shaft is swollen and will not absorb as much chlorine or salts and sulfurous substances.


About brushing


1.Brushing your hair extensions 2-3 times a day.


2.Brush with a loop or soft bristle hair extension brush to reduce the damage to your hair.


3.Comb your hair from the ends upwards to remove any tangles.


4. Do not brush or comb the area between the scalp and where the hair extensions are attached.


5.Do not use uncovered plastic bands.


Other tips


1. When you use curling irons, blow dryer, straighteners,and hot rollers, you should use heat protector and keep an adequate distance from the attachment.


2. Apply some amount of balance of - Protein, Natural oil to the wet hair to give them nutrient and Moisture.


3. Make a maintenance every 4 weeks to keep your extensions looking fresh.


    The better your look after your hair extensions the longer they will last. At last, I strongly recommend the hair products on VHair. They are real human remy hair products and also cheap hair extensions with good quality. I hope every girl can become beatiful and confident and enjoy the beautiful life.