If you’ve stayed up to date on my blog / Instagram posts then you’ve obviously noticed that my hair has grown about 12 inches. Well, I guess it hasn’t grown per say, but just lengthened. I bought clip-in hair extensions about a month ago after being frustrated by not being able to style my short hair how I wanted. So, lets talk hair extensions.


Most of you probably won’t realize but I used to actually have hair as long as my extensions are, I cut it all off the summer before my senior year of high school for a change and its stayed short ever since. But now that I’m trying to grow it out and am focusing on making it even healthier, I decided that clip-ins would be the best option to keep me sane in the meantime. SO, LET’S TALK HOW TO PICK OUT HAIR EXTENSIONS… I made the choice for clip-ins after doing a lot of research! I looked into sew-ins, tape-ins, beaded extensions and of course, clips. Because I color my hair (try to act like you didn’t know), non-permanent extensions were the best and most economical choice to avoid extra roots when my hair color grows out. However, if you don’t color your hair and are trying to grow your own hair out and want a more permanent option, tape-ins are the least damaging to your natural hair. HOW I CHOSE THE BRAND THAT I DID… When choosing my clip-ins I looked at so many different brands and companies before making a decision, I also asked a lot of my friends who had worn them in the past and posted about it on my Instagram asking for suggestions and reviews! A fellow fashion blogger reached out and told me about Vhair Extensions . After looking into the brand and reading multiple reviews and even looking at photos I decided that they would be the best fit for me.


My naturally thin and slightly damaged from highlighting it for 9+ years. Although it has improved a lot over the last year it still remains dry and thin. With clip-ins you’re able to choose your thickness of hair. Luxy hair comes in three different options. Fine (120 grams), Medium (160 grams), and Thick (220 grams). I chose the medium thickness because I wanted to add more volume to my hair. But, if you have nice, thick hair already I would go with the thickest option to create a more-even blend. I chose the pack that becomes thinner from the weft (where the clips are) to the tip. However, there is an option that stays the same thickness all the way from weft to tip. I chose the thinning ones to match my natural hair more.

Clip-ins always come in a variety of shades that you can choose from to best match your hair. I selected “Ash Blonde” because it was my brand’s lightest available shade. Even though it was a bit too yellow when compared to my hair color after my hair stylist toned it with purple shampoo it matched up perfectly (this is also something you can do at home, but I was at the salon anyway). My stylist also said, it’s very easy to darken or tone the extensions but hard to lighten them due to the bleach breaking down the weft.  If you have highlights, it’s recommended going for a shade that matches the lightest highlight in your hair and having a professional hair colorist add in lowlights to your set.


Yes! I curl and straighten mine all of the time. Although, I usually wear them with curly hair, and the curls in the extensions can last for days! I usually only ever have to curl them once until I wash or straighten them. It’s recommended washing the extensions every 15-20 wears as they don’t need to be washed as often due to the lack of oils since they aren’t attached to a scalp. I always let mine air dry overnight and use a deep conditioning mask on them every-other time I wash. QUESTIONS? Have any questions for me? Leave a comment below! I’ve been loving my extensions and now that I’ve had practice, it takes me less than 5 minutes to fully place and style them. Making it super easy to add some length and volume when wanted!